The members of Lady Antebellum are doing fine after their tour bus caught fire early Thursday morning.

A video taken from a helicopter by local news affiliate KDFW Fox 4 caught firefighters spraying the blackened bus off the side of the highway near Dallas, Texas.

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The country group is currently on their Wheels Up Tour, and were en route to a gig in Dallas when a tire caught fire. The bus was evacuated before the blaze overtook it.

Lead singer Hillary Scott posted a message on Facebook reporting that everyone on board was safe.

"Hey guys, we had a crazy morning on the way to Dallas today. Our bus tire caught on fire and we had to evacuate very quickly. EVERYONE IS SAFE AND SOUND. It was me, my husband, our tour manager, and driver. Thanking God for our safety and the safety of all of those who helped put this fire out and keep us safe. Love you all!!!!" she wrote.

Later, she posted a photo of her Bible, which she said was one of the only things to survive the fire unscathed.

"Today, when our bus caught on fire we had quite a few personal belongings in the back (where I was asleep before evacuating the bus) one of them being my Bible," Scott wrote. "I kid you not, EVERYTHING in the back lounge was destroyed from the flames, except my Bible. The outside cover was burned and messed up but NOT ONE PAGE was missing. Yall, [sic] God's Word will always stand."

Lady Antebellum is one of the nominees for Vocal Group of the Year at the Academy of Country Music Awards, which airs this Sunday on CBS.

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