Question: I know Hugh Laurie, Jennifer Morrison, Lisa Edelstein, Jesse Spencer and Omar Epps were working the red carpet at the Emmys. Please say you got some Season 3 scoop from one of them?

Answer: Poor naive Lizzie. Don't you know by now that the actors are the last ones to know what's coming up on their show? The producers are where the scoop's at, and, lucky for us, House exec producer Katie Jacobs was in a chatty mood on Sunday. She revealed that David Morse's cop character "starts out as a patient" at Princeton Plainsboro. "He comes into the clinic and House is House, and Morse just thinks this is not OK. House basically just pisses off the wrong guy. We filmed a scene the other night where he's stationed on a corner and House is driving home on his bike and gets pulled over for reckless driving, and House pops a Vicodin." And House isn't the only one who gets drawn into Morse's vendetta. As series creator David Shore teased, "We're going to learn a little bit more about [Cameron, Foreman and Co.] through this detective. He's going to be checking them out, too."