Ringer Ringer

Ever since her wooden-stake-wielding Buffy days, Sarah Michelle Gellar has been the embodiment of the Madonna/whore fantasy. She'll be displaying this enticing duality again in two not-to-be-missed episodes of The CW's Ringer, wearing white... and nearly nothing at all.

In the February 28 episode, Bridget (still posing as her twin sis, Siobhan), receives a marriage re-proposal from Andrew (Ioan Gruffudd), prompting her to try on wedding gowns. But will a wedding actually take place before season's end? "We're writing the last episode now," says executive producer Pam Veasey. "And it's very possible."

Then the March 6 episode includes a steamy flashback to Bridget's Wyoming strip-club years, as she solicits a customer for a lap dance. "It's very seductive," adds Veasey. And revealing in more ways than one: "You're going to finally get the answer to how Bridget ended up first going on the run."

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