Nurse Jackie Nurse Jackie

Mamma mia! Carmela and Janice are back together — hide Ma's good china! Actually, the former Sopranos in-laws are reuniting on a spring episode of Edie Falco's Showtime comedy Nurse Jackie.

Aida Turturro, who was so memorable as Tony Soprano's whackjob sister, Janice, guest stars as an attorney named Laurel. "She's tough and says what she's thinking, but she's not a psychopath like Janice," says Aida. "We have a little meeting. I'm trying to help Jackie out with something, but we'll see if she trusts me enough to take my advice."

Edie admits that she got caught up in the déjà vu of filming their scenes. "I have to say, the first few times we were running lines, I asked myself, 'Who am I if I'm talking to that face?' Aida and I spent a lot of years together as these two other people."

While Carmela and Janice clashed like marinara and Chardonnay, Aida insists, "Edie's like my sister. I see her more than any of the [Sopranos] guys. Just a few weeks ago we went to the beach with her kids. And working with her is like cooking lasagna. Just a lovely day."

If Edie gets her wish, James Gandolfini will pop in on Nurse Jackie next. "I've always had this fantasy of having Jim, as Tony, pulled in on a stretcher in the background, so we'd know he did, in fact, get shot in the restaurant in the finale and ended up at All Saints Hospital," she says. "People would finally have an answer as to what the hell happened after the screen went black."

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