Johnny Galecki Johnny Galecki

On The Big Bang Theory's February 10 episode, Leonard (Johnny Galecki) shares a kiss with a wealthy benefactor to the physics department — played by Jessica Walter (Arrested Development), age 70. "The amount of making out I do on this show is ridiculous," says Johnny, 35. He's not kidding. Next up: Aarti Mann returns as Raj's sister Priya, who'll now be dating Leonard after their previous one-night stand. "Raj is not going to be very happy about that," says actor Kunal Nayyar. "I forgave Leonard [after they first hooked up] because she didn't want [something serious], but now..."

In other romantic developments, Bernadette finally lays down the law with Howard (Simon Helberg) and demands that he choose between her and his overbearing mom. "That's a big moment to see this guy who's a mama's boy have to make that decision," says Simon. "I bet he's going to mess it up." And is Jim Parsons (Sheldon) jealous that Leonard's getting so much lovin'?  Hardly. "I got Christine Baranski," says the new Golden Globe winner, "so it's only fair to share the hot women kisses."

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