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The Dawson's Creek Cast Is Reuniting Soon and We Have a Few Theories

Katie Holmes revealed they're staging an unofficial reunion

Keisha Hatchett

For those of you who've been waiting for the Dawson's Creekgang to finally get back together, we have some good news: the cast is reuniting! However, you might wanna hold off on the celebratory gifs.

During a visit to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Katie Holmes revealed that they are, indeed, staging a get-together soon, but not for any reboot or revival. "We're all gonna get together," she told Fallon. "It's gonna be really exciting."

With no official reunion in the works, the likely scenario is that this is just a laid-back group outing which we hope will be well-documented on social media. The question is, when is it happening and what special occasion will bring them together?

Could they be celebrating James Van der Beek's birthday ,which happens to be this Thursday? Or perhaps they're coming together to support Joshua Jackson, who is starring in the Tony Award-winning Broadway show Children of a Lesser God starting Thursday, March 22? There's also the 15th anniversary of the series finale this May, which would be the perfect time to reminisce about their years on the Creek. Or maybe they all just happened to be available at the same time on some random date and are getting together for the fun of it?

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Whatever the case, we're holding out hope that this will lead to something more official down the line. With Charmed, Will & Grace, Roseanne and many more of our '90s faves staging comebacks, who's to say Dawson Creek can't join them in this current reboot craze.

Until then, we'd just keep your eyes peeled on the cast's social media pages for those eventual reunion snaps.

Dawson's Creek

Dawson's Creek

Columbia TriStar, Getty Images