Kathy Griffin Kathy Griffin

Kathy Griffin may be known for her love of profanity, but she kept it pretty clean on the Grammys red carpet on Sunday. Her only gripe: The Bachelor should do better background checks!

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"Do you guys even do a Google search on these people?" she asked Bachelor host Chris Harrison. "Honestly, my 90-year-old mother with a box of wine and steno pad could've found out more information about this guy."

As for the contestants, Griffin hopes Michelle — who has indicated she'd like to elbow the other girls and tells Brad who to eliminate — will get a reality check. "I don't want her to serve time; I just want her to do a Nicole Richie: 17 minutes in the slammer," Griffin joked.

Which Griffin family member might be the next Bachelorette? Watch the video below to find out: