The 2008 Golden Globes were a pretty lame year all around. The writer's strike basically canceled the show, so the winners were simply read from a list and their awards were shipped in the mail. That was a real bummer for Jon Hamm, who won for his first season of Mad Men.

However, not getting to accept the award in front of his peers or deliver a speech for the millions of people watching at home was not the end of his bad news. When Hamm finally got the trophy in the mail, his name was spelled wrong on the plaque. The Hollywood Foreign Press Association sent him a Golden Globe for John Hamm rather than Jon.

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Hamm had a pretty good attitude about it when telling the story to Vanity Fair's Krista Smith in an interview from the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, where he's judging the new films. He says he's still waiting for this year's Golden Globe - his first win since that 2008 disaster - and he's hoping the video will remind the plaque inscribers to spell check before they send it to him. Best of luck Jon.

Check out the video below.