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Jesse James has been cited for vandalism after a run-in with a paparazzo, who claimed the former Monster Garage star roughed up his car last week, CNN reports.

James and Ulises Rios traded citizen's arrests March 25 outside James' West Coast Choppers store in Long Beach, Calif. James claimed Rios was stalking him, which has also resulted in a stalking citation for the photographer.

Lawyer: Jesse James is not a neo-Nazi

A citation is equivalent to an arrest, Long Beach Police Sgt. Dina Zapalski said, but it will be at the city prosecutors' discretion to press charges.Police arrived at the motorcycle shop after Rios called in to report that James, 40, had vandalized his car. Rios' attorney, Mark Hashaulter, told CNN that his client has video of the encounter and has turned in a copy to detectives. The footage, he said, shows James confronting Rios, who's sitting in his SUV, and the damaged SUV — two slashed tires, a dented door and a scratched window.

Jesse James enters treatment facility

Earlier this week, James checked into a treatment facility for "personal issues" in the wake of reports that he has cheated on his wife, Sandra Bullock. Two weeks ago, tattoo model Michelle "Bombshell" McGee claimed she had an 11-month affair with him. Since then, three more women have come forward claiming to have had affairs with the motorcycle builder.Calls to Haushaulter and James' attorney were not immediately returned.