See?! Nothing good can come of killing off Gerald McRaney! Can we all take a moment of silence here? I am completely disappointed in today's announcement that Jericho will not return for another season. I know this show was a gamble. I know Mama Green was getting on some of our nerves. I know a small Kansas town may not appeal to the masses. But come on!

I accepted the decision to end Gilmore Girls (although, not thrilled with Logan's exit). I welcomed the idea of a future finish line for Lost. I gladly shook off The O.C. when it left us last year. But I can't let this go - at least not this week. In fact, I'm taking out all my frustration on Angel's candy bin. (Is CBS going to pay my gym bill?)

If you're a Jericho fan, you've been watching Skeet Ulrich and Co. cope post-mushroom cloud. And after a rocky start, hopefully you'll agree with me when I say the writing and acting only got better as the season went on. We got answers slowly but surely, we had characters with real substance (Hello, Hawkins!), and we watched a panicked town survive week by week with unexpected additions, unfriendly neighbors and personal relationships torn and mended. OK, so maybe it's no Heroes. No one's walking through walls or slicing people's heads open with their magic finger. There's no smoke monster (although, that's my least favorite part of Lost). But I really thought CBS was onto something when Jericho was put on the map.

Skeet, if you're listening, I'll miss your leadership (and that hooded sweatshirt). Don't go disappearing now.

CBS, you've hurt me today. I will applaud you for giving us another season of How I Met Your Mother, but that will be brief. I will continue moping for as long as it takes.