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Jane the Virgin Reveals Michael's Fate in Emotional Season 3 Premiere

Series creator Jennie Snyder Urman weighs in on the events of the premiere

Kaitlin Thomas

After months of waiting, Jane the Virgin fans around the world let out a sigh of relief Monday when it was revealed -- at the end of the very stressful Season 3 premiere -- that Jane's (Gina Rodriguez) new husband Michael (Brett Dier) survived the gunshot wound he sustained in the season finale.

But before you start celebrating, don't! Michael may not be out of the woods yet.

According to series creator Jennie Snyder Urman, although Jane's true love survived being shot by Sin Rostro (Bridget Regan) and was "never really going to die in the finale," the fact that the Narrator previously foreshadowed Michael's death cannot be ignored.

"The Narrator does not lie," stressed Urman during a small press screening of the premiere last week. So the Narrator's foreshadowing during Season 1's "Chapter Ten," in which he said that "until [Michael] drew his very last breath" he'd never stop loving Jane, still stands.

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Unfortunately, as if living with the threat that the other shoe could drop at any time isn't enough to worry about, the consequences of the shooting will continue to have ripple effects for Michael as the season progresses.

"The healing and recovery from such a traumatic event is something that we continue to play through," said Urman. "It has lasting ramifications for the character, which you'll start to see when he can return to work -- if he can return to work -- how his life has changed as a result of this. It takes him into a new direction and there's some ongoing medical issues that we continue to grapple with."

Still, despite the somber setting and accompanying anguish of waiting to find out Michael's fate -- which didn't occur until the very end of the episode, unlike when Mateo's kidnapping was resolved early on in the Season 2 premiere -- "Chapter Forty-Five" delivered exactly what fans have come to expect from Jane the Virgin, which is a deeply emotional series with a healthy dose of comedy.

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As Jane sat in the hospital and waited for news about Michael, the Narrator revealed that her struggle to choose between Michael and Rafael (Justin Baldoni) during the show's first two seasons wasn't the first time homegirl had been involved in a love triangle. That's right: when Jane first met Michael, she had been hardcore crushing on a guy named Sam for two years 17 months and he finally asked her out. It was through the use of flashbacks of Jane's first date with Sam and her lying to Michael about it that the series was able to find its signature balance of comedy and drama.

"By going through the past, you put all the stakes in the present and have everybody acting as you would if somebody was in the hospital, but the show can still have the same lightness and fun by going to the past," said Urman. "That was the hope -- that you could go there and relax because that's how they would be acting then and there was fun there, and yet you could treat what was happening in the present seriously."

Jane the Virgin airs Mondays at 9/8c on The CW.

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