American Idol, Jacob Lusk American Idol, Jacob Lusk

Emoting can be a 24/7 job, especially for a soul singer such as American Idol's recently eliminated contestant Jacob Lusk.

"I don't know when to turn it off and on ... I wear my emotions on my sleeve," he tells Despite that, he was able to hold it together for our interview, in which he told us that he embraces comparisons to gay icon Sylvester, as well as the "diva" label — to a point.

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"The diva thing is a big misconception," he explains. "But I think some of it may be rooted in truth. I guess people call me a diva or a divo because of my performance style. But I'm not high maintenance at all."

Watch Jacob discuss this, as well as reading hurtful things people say about him online in our interview: