Question: Why isn't Lost's Maggie Grace going to be in X3?

Answer: Let's ask her boss, exec producer Damon Lindelof. "She's on our show," he told me at press tour. "That movie starts shooting [this month]. I would be an idiot to let her go do a movie in the middle [of our season]." Lindelof insists no one including Grace herself knows how the X3 rumors got started. "The only call she ever made to us was, 'You're going to read about this [in the Hollywood trades]; I don't know what it is, it's not true. I didn't read for the part, I wasn't offered the part, I didn't accept the part. I'm happy to be on Lost.'" The Grace buzz fueled talk that her Shannon character would go the way of brother Boone this fall. Also not true, Lindelof says. "I think it would be fairly silly for us to kill a woman  there's only three or four of them on the show," he says. "And they're all really hot." Translation: The scary-looking French chick is doomed.