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Invincible Season 2: Release Date, Trailer, Cast, and Everything to Know

The upcoming chapter will be released in two parts

Kat Moon

After more than two years since Invincible premiered on Prime Video, Season 2's release is finally around the corner. But we're still remembering images from the Season 1 finale like it was yesterday. Mark Grayson (Steven Yeun), or Invincible, realizing that his father Omni-Man (J.K. Simmons) has betrayed him? And the massacre that followed? Oof. We don't know what's next for the teen superhero after Omni-Man left the planet, but it's clear that new threats to Earth loom ahead.

In case you forgot: In the Season 1 finale, Nolan revealed to his son that he was assigned to Earth to conquer the planet and asked his Viltrumite son to join him in this quest. Mark refused, and that's when Nolan wreaked havoc across Chicago as he ruthlessly beat up his son. But the most heartbreaking moment in the episode was undoubtedly when Nolan asked Mark what he would still have hundreds of years later, when the humans that his son is bent on protecting will all be dead. "You, Dad, I'd still have you," an entirely battered Mark said. Hearing this, Nolan at last ended his rampage and flew away from Earth with tears in his eyes. Whew!

From Invincible Season 2's teaser trailer, we know that Omni-Man will return. But it's also obvious that plenty of new antagonists will appear as Mark continues to sharpen his superpowers. Here's everything we know about Invincible Season 2 so far, including its release date, cast, and more.



Prime Video

When does Invincible Season 2 start?

Prime Video announced at San-Diego Comic Con 2023 that Invincible Season 2 premieres Nov. 3. The season consists of eight episodes, and the first four will be released weekly beginning Nov. 3 before the show goes on a mid-season hiatus. "When you see the episodes, Episode 4 of Season 2 is a very obvious midseason finale," Robert Kirkman, who wrote the comic book series that the show adapts, told TV Guide. "People are going to need time to recover from that episode."

In the same interview, Kirkman shared that the wait between future seasons of the show is expected to be shorter. "We have lived through the longest period of time there will ever be between a season of Invincible," he said. "Every other season, however long we go, the wait will be less."

With that said, we don't know the details about Season 3's production schedule and how it's affected by the ongoing writers and actors strike for fair wages. "I support the WGA and SAG completely, I have no idea how long the strike is going to last, I hope that it lasts as long as it needs to," Kirkman told us in July. "Because this is an inflection point where the livelihood of writers and actors is very much at stake."

Invincible Season 2 trailer

The teaser trailer for Invincible Season 2 was also shared at Comic-Con. Plenty of the key characters from Season 1 make an appearance, including a dejected Debbie (Sandra Oh) with tears streaming down her face. "I didn't know who he was," she said, clearly referring to Nolan, who brutally likened their marriage to a relationship with a "pet" in Season 1's finale. The teaser also confirms that in addition to a number of returning cast members, a large roster of new actors will be joining the ensemble. That list is impressive, to say the least. Think Rhea Seehorn, Sterling K. Brown, Lea Thompson, and Ben Schwartz — and that's only a small portion.

Invincible Season 2 cast

Steven Yeun returns as Mark Grayson, or Invincible, while J.K. Simmons returns as Nolan, or Omni-Man. Sandra Oh will once again voice the role of Debbie. Other members of the returning cast include:

How to watch Invincible

The first season of Invincible, along with July's special episode on Atom Eve, is available to stream on Prime Video.

Season 2 premieres Friday, Nov. 3 on Prime Video.