Nigel Lythgoe and Lee DeWyze Nigel Lythgoe and Lee DeWyze

Despite drawing big names like Beyoncé, Lady Gaga and Judas Priest for Wednesday's American Idol finale, series executive producer Nigel Lythgoe revealed that there was one element of the show that didn't come together.

"I was so upset Lee DeWyze wouldn't present the winners trophy to Scotty [McCreery]," Lythgoe tweeted Thursday about the Season 9 winner. "Especially as he'd been on the show this Season. I guess he was shy."

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Hours after Lythgoe expressed his disappointment, DeWyze responded and said he was not asked to be involved.

"It wasn't until about 2 minutes before they announced that Nigel had approached me and asked if he could 'borrow' me for a second. I didn't feel a last second jump on stage was appropriate. It was Scotty's moment," DeWyze tweeted late Thursday. "I am not angry, or bitter etc. It was an amazing Finale, and I would have loved to be a part of it. I just wasn't asked."

The tense exchange between Lythgoe and DeWyze came days after the Season 9 winner confirmed to fans he was not invited to perform on the finale. Last season, most recent winner Kris Allen was asked to perform before a new winner was named.

"Hey guys, no I'm not performing at the Finale. I wasn't asked to," he tweeted on Monday. "A lot of questions so I thought I'd fill you in."

DeWyze, 25, included a smiley face in his message, but his brother, Mike DeWyze, had less kind things to say about the oversight, calling it "bullsh—" on Twitter.

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"People may think I'm being rude. It's just very obvious when someone is being treated disrespectfully," he wrote on Monday. However, Mike DeWyze quickly changed his tune and apologized on Tuesday both to Lythgoe directly (via Twitter) and to fans for the angry tweets. He acknowledged that "Idol has done great things" for his brother.

Since winning American Idol last May, DeWyze released his debut album, Live It Up, last November to lackluster sales. He appeared on Season 10 in March to perform the second single from the album, "Beautiful Like You."

Do you think DeWyze was wrong in refusing to present the trophy? Do you think he should have been invited to perform?