Steven Tyler Steven Tyler

American Idol's new rock star judge, Steven Tyler, hasn't quite gotten the hang of not swearing on family friendly network TV. "He says f--- sometimes," says executive producer Nigel Lythgoe. "And I say, 'Steven, you said f---.' And he says, 'F---, did I say f---? Ah, s---. Sorry, man.'"

Lythgoe laughs. "We've had to bleep him many times for the audition shows. It's a part of who Steven Tyler is."

But it's about to get trickier, as the shows that are carefully edited and safely broadcast on tape — the audition shows and Hollywood/Las Vegas weeks — end at the end of February. The live, anything-can-happen shows begin in March. American Idol, says Lythgoe, has always had the ability to delay the live feed for a couple of seconds. But with Tyler on board, says Lythgoe, "I think they've probably extended it."

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