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Hulu's High Fidelity Trailer Shows Zoë Kravitz on a Rom-Com Vision Quest

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Sadie Gennis

Twenty years after John Cusack made you nostalgic for mixtapes, Hulu is adapting High Fidelity for a new generation. In this fresh take on Nick Hornby's 1995 novel, Zoë Kravitz stars as the central music snob who decides to look back on her Top 5 heartbreaks to figure out what she's doing wrong.

The upcoming comedy moves the setting from London/Chicago to Brooklyn, where Rob (Kravitz) owns a record store and spends her time obsessively making Top 5 lists rather than opening herself up to actual intimacy. Frustrated by her life and failed relationships, Rob is inspired to seek out the five men and women who hurt her the most in order to find out why people always seem to leave her.

What's Coming to Hulu in February

Featuring David Bowie's "Modern Love" and Kravitz delivering wry fourth wall-breaking narration, Hulu's High Fidelity trailer gives hope that the show will be able to straddle the fine line of pleasing fans of Hornby's original work and the 2000 film while also putting a new spin on this familiar story. Plus, it stars Zoë Kravitz as a jaded but sensitive rom-com heroine on a vision quest of self-discovery, which is very much our sh--.

At the Television Critics Association winter press tour, executive producer Veronica West expounded on why the creative team decided to make the lead character a female -- a departure from the book and movie that inspired the series.

"I didn't want to go re-do High Fidelity without making this change," She said. "We have so much respect for the book and the film. I think they're both perfect iterations of that story... We watch a lot of romantic comedies with female leads and the problem always seems to be, 'You can't find the right man,' or 'You're desperate to get married,' or 'You're self destructive in some way,' and like, when the man gets to be the lead, the problems are internal... It was interesting for us to put that in a woman's point of view and let her issues with romance really just be about learning how to figure out herself."

West and her fellow executive producer Sarah Kucserka read the book years ago and realized that the story didn't have to be limited to a man's perspective. They wanted to dig deeper into the universal truths of the story.

"It was a really personal book I think for both Veronica and I," Kucserka added. "We read it long ago and really identified with the character of Rob, and really felt like this isn't just a man's journey, a man's look at love and commitment and romance, but is very universal. So being able to stay incredibly true to all of those characteristics of the Rob in the book, and keep them on the Rob in our show -- I think it's such a new and fresh and interesting take on it."

The 10-episode first season also stars Jake Lacy, Da'Vine Joy Randolph, David Holmes, and Kingsley Ben-Adir.

High Fidelity premieres Wednesday, Feb. 14 on Hulu.