Miley Cyrus by Jamie McCarthy/ Miley Cyrus by Jamie McCarthy/

Tickets for Miley Cyrus' concert tour, kicking off later this month, are selling out in minutes at many venues, leaving wannabe parents-of-the-year frustrated and/or faced with exorbitant markups.

"We knew it was hot, but we had no idea it was this crazy," the tour's organizer tells the AP. "It's like the Beatles." (That's Stella McCartney's dad's old band, kiddies.)

Some stats: Cyrus' Memphis show filled 12,000 seats in eight minutes; a ticket for the Charlotte, North Carolina, show went for $2,565; though the tour caps ticket prices at $65, the average resale is $214, besting Timberlake, Beyoncé and The Police.

While scalpers use computer programs to scarf up lotsa tickets superfast and to pass them on at massive margins, a spokesperson for StubHub advises moms and dads: "The prices you see now are not the prices that are going to hold. Parents need to set a price that they are comfortable with and watch the market." And brace for a tantrum.