Since it is the holiday season, I feel like I should pass on a bit of general good advice to readers out there: Never watch the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show if you are eight and a half months pregnant, or pregnant at all for that matter. It is seriously depressing. Compounded with the fact that Heidi Klum just gave birth like a minute ago and looked freakin' stunning. Yeah. That's a real pick-me-upper.... Tuning in to Sleeper Cell wasn't that much better for lifting the spirits. In fact, having the government debate about whether Darwyn killing someone in cold blood was considered murder or a justifiable homicide was just plain disturbing. Top that off with some tragic times in Tijuana with a good old-fashioned shootout and a prostitution ring with underage children and you've got yourself some heavy stuff. Especially the fact that the woman who was keeping track of the preteens said that they were doing a public service by "keeping Americans from abusing their own children." Scary. Though while the subject matter is a little too realistic sometimes, this episode, which strayed far from the entire anthrax plot, actually had some lighthearted and quite unexpected moments. I enjoyed Tommy fiddling with the TV at the bowling alley and griping, "If this is going to be our regular hideout, we need to get TiVo." I can relate to that. And hey, it is good to know that terrorists use PayPal for all their money-transferring needs. And here I always thought it was just for buying stuff off of eBay. Angel Cohn

If you missed the premiere of Sleeper Cell, you can watch the entire episode right here.

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