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Grimm EPs: The Nick and Renard Showdown Is Just the Beginning

"It will end tragically"

Megan Vick

The final season of Grimmis here, and Season 6 is kicking off with a no-holds barred throw down between Nick (David Giuntoli) and Renard (Sasha Roiz).

Friday's episode picked up moments after Season 5 ended, with Bonaparte (Shaun Toub) dead in Nick's loft after Renard stabbed him -- but Portland's Mayor-elect was actually being controlled by his 9-year old hexenbeist daughter who didn't appreciate the way Bonaparte threatened her mother, Adalind (Claire Coffee).

The leader of Black Claw being dead opened up a unique opportunity for Renard to make a serious power grab, and he's not about to let Nick squander his chance at greatness. Renard used all of his resources -- including the might of the entire Portland police department -- to create a citywide manhunt for the Grimm. He wants Nick dead and out of the way, leading to a standoff between Renard and Nick in the final moments of the episode.

David Giuntoli, Grimm​

David Giuntoli, Grimm

NBC, Allyson Riggs/NBC

TVGuide.com talked to Grimm executive producers David Greenwalt and Jim Kouf about what to expect from the showdown, and what is in store for fans in the final season:

We're finally getting a showdown between Nick and Renard, which seems to have been coming for a while. What can we expect from that clash?

David Greenwalt: We've known that it had to come to a head from the very beginning. The first season Renard was -- I don't want to use the word evil or bad -- kind of cunning. Then he kind of came around...Then Renard screwed everybody by running for Mayor. Renard really wants to get Nick, literally kill him, and Nick really wants to get Renard. These first three episodes we'll see exactly how that unfolds.

Renard has spent a lot of time in the grey area on this series, but it feels like he's officially chosen the dark side now. Is that true, or is there still time for a Renard redemption arc?

Greenwalt: Ultimately in the season he'll gain some redemption, but it's not so much that he's been in a grey area and now he's in a dark area. He's doing what is best for his character and purpose in life.

Jim Kouf: He always chooses himself. He's flexible.

What is it that Renard wants now, especially since Bonaparte is dead?

Kouf: I think he's always striving for the power position.

Greenwalt: Don't forget he's a royal bastard. He had a foot stool in the castle. He saw where everything was, but it was all denied him. So, he's going to try and return to the center of power.

Grimm spoilers: Bonaparte's death isn't going to make Renard and Nick friends

Diana is also getting more and more powerful. How is she going to feel when she finds out that Adalind is in love with Nick instead of Renard?

Kouf: She's still a young girl. She goes with mom above anybody. Whoever makes mom the happiest, whoever treats mom the best, is where her allegiance lies.

Greenwalt: But woe be to them who should hurt mom, or woe be to them if Renard can convince Diana that Nick has or might hurt mom.

Speaking of Nick hurting Adalind, how is this love triangle going to develop now that Juliette is starting to resurface?

Greenwalt: It all has to get resolved one way or another, either through violence or violence. It's been a six year journey for these characters. It's more important that they come into their own personal, individual power -- Adalind, Eve/Juliette and Nick. There will be resolution as well of who loves who and who is actually going to be with who.

One of the big reveals was that Rosalee is pregnant. Can we expect or hope to see a baby by the end of the season?

Greenwalt: You can expect to see a baker's dozen babies sometime in the later part of the season.

How is Renard's manhunt going to complicate everyone's lives?

Greenwalt: He'll turn [Portland] against Nick pretty good if he succeeds in killing him, but he won't turn [the Scoobies] against him.

Kouf: The final season is not about [Renard and Nick].

What is Nick's arc for the final season then? What does he have to defeat for it to feel like his journey is over?

Kouf: It all comes back to what they found in the Black Forest.

Greenwalt: The keys lead to the stick, what the stick means and it means a lot religiously, Biblically, mythically in every tradition in every square of the planet. It'll all be explained and answered to tremendous satisfaction, of us, but hopefully of others.

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How soon is Nick going to regret being so dependent on the stick meal?

Greenwalt: Very soon, and ultimately very tragically and sadly.

Kouf: It ends up playing a rather large role in the end of the show.

What is the feeling like now that you're filming the final episode?

Greenwalt: Like being even more drunk than usual. It's very bittersweet, more sweet than bitter. We are doing a lot of lasts, last time with this set, last time with this character. There's been a lot of laughter and a lot of tears. We've had a wonderful, wonderful run with NBC and these great actors and crew in Portland. We're mostly happy, but a little sad.

Kouf: It's like saying goodbye to family.

What are you hoping is going to be the fan reaction to the end of this series?

Greenwalt: They're going to love it like a thing they've never loved before.

Kouf: Hopefully, they're going to go to NBC like, "Why isn't there a seventh season?"

Grimm continues Fridays at 8/7c on NBC.