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There's a new entanglement on Grey's Anatomy this season, and it's not a romantic one. Following the events of the finale, Owen (Kevin McKidd) — who has gone through, and is still living with, PTSD — will become a soundboard for many of the doctors, but none moreso than Derek (Patrick Dempsey), whose near-death experience will send him into a fit of recklessness.

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"Everybody deals with [the shooting] in a different way," McKidd says. "Some people go into a shell, some people become very extroverted."

In Derek's case, he becomes a speed-demon on the road. "He comes back just not willing to put up with the bullsh--," Dempsey says. "He's much more into enjoying his life now and not compromising that."

"Owen quietly has his eye on Derek," McKidd says. "If Owen was asked, he would think it's a good thing that Derek gave up the reigns of being the Chief. I think Owen, as the season goes on, will be a rock for Derek and a sounding board. Derek was the closest to death, so he has more wounds than anyone to get through."

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In turn, Derek will provide support in the marital department. "Owen comes to Derek for advice," McKidd says. "Even though he's married to Cristina (Sandra Oh) now, he still doesn't quite understand her a lot of the time, so Owen and Derek seem to end up connecting on that subject."

One good thing to come out of the traumatic events of the finale is that Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) will respect Owen in a different way. "Cristina has expressed to her that there needs to be a 'me and Owen,'" Pompeo says. "So I think Meredith knows that Cristina really does need that."

"You'd expect Meredith to be very much against this pairing, but [the finale] changed her perspective on a lot of things," McKidd adds. "She basically questioned Owen's intentions in Season 6, and in that moment in the O.R. [in the finale], it suddenly made her realize the situation and how Owen really feels."

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"Meredith very much becomes an advocate for Owen being the right guy for Cristina," he continues. "She realizes they're meant for each other and that's the first time we've seen that."

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