If Gotham fans are over the moon about the return of Jerome (Cameron Monaghan), they should hold on to their hats, because Gotham's version of Harley Quinn is coming a lot sooner than expected — in the Season 3 finale, to be precise.

Ahead of Season 3, executive producer John Stephens teased that a Harley precursor character was in the works, but the show was unsure of when she would launch, given her appearance in the DC cinematic universe's Suicide Squad.

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Well, it turns out that the villainess will likely be introduced even before the end of this season."We might see [her] in Episode 22," Stephens tells us.

Word is that the Harley character will be the "launching point" for the central plot of Season 4, so get ready, Gotham fans. Stephens assures us, "It's crazy."

Could we potentially be heading for a Jerome and Harley team-up? We can only hope!

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