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Gotham Series Finale Sneak Peek: Check Out Grown Up Catwoman in Action

And is that Batman watching her?!

Megan Vick

A lot of time has passed on Gotham between the penultimate episode and the series finale. Ten years, in fact, and a lot of things have changed, but a few have stayed just the same.

For example, Selina Kyle is still stealing things to make ends meet, but she looks very different as an adult. TV Guide's exclusive sneak peek of the finale reveals adult Selina, played by Lili Simmons instead of Camren Bicondova for the final episode, doing some intense acrobatics before stealing a diamond from a Gotham City museum.

When Selina takes off her mask, you can see the effort the Gotham crew went through to make her curls and make-up look like a progression of Bicondova's look over the past five years. Bicondova explained on Twitter last week that she made the choice to let someone else play Catwoman for the final episode.

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"It's important to me that I'm the one to tell you this because it was a choice that I made," she wrote. "I wanted to give (the character) Selina Kyle as much respect as possible. Some will say that giving her respect would include seeing the character through the end of the show, which I understand. But, I firmly believe that part of leaving a legacy and being part of a legacy means knowing when to pass the torch to someone else."

The big question remains: What is Bruce (David Mazouz) going to think? The tail end of the clip reveals that someone in a cape (Hmm, wonder who that could be?) is already keeping an eye on Selina and her criminal activities.

The Gotham series finale airs Thursday at 8/7c on Fox.