Game of Thrones has cast Unreal's Freddie Stroma as Sam Tarly's (John Bradley) brother Dickon, BuzzFeed reports.

Stroma is best known for playing Adam Cromwell, the charming - albeit slightly skeezy - suitor on the fictionalized Bachelor-esque reality show within the Lifetime drama. But fantasy fans might know him better as Cormac McLaggen from the Harry Potter films.

In George R.R. Martin's novels, Lord Randyll Tarly forced Sam to choose between death or The Wall so that he could make Dickon, the more athletic, favored son, his heir. But it looks like Sam will be reuniting with his entire family when he arrives in Oldtown this season. If these casting notices are any indication, we'll also meet Randyll Tarly, his wife and Sam's sister as well this season.