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8 Things That Need to Happen at the Friends Reunion

Could we BE any more excited?

Amanda Bell

It's official -- the Friends cast reunion is happening. All six original stars of the hit sitcom -- Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, David Schwimmer, Matthew Perry, and Matt LeBlanc -- have finally reached a deal with HBO Max (the show's next streaming stop) to reunite for an unscripted special, and we could not be more thrilled about it.

This is a moment we've been thinking about for a long, long time, and even if it's not one of the many spin-offs we imagined, seeing the Central Perk crew all together again will be even more exciting than that time Joey got nominated for a Soapy. There are quite a few things we're hoping the Holiday Armadillo will deliver when the Friends gang gets back together, so read on to check out our wishlist for the Friends reunion!

The Friends Reunion Is Officially a Go at HBO Max

The one where they return to the original Central Perk set. Since HBO Max, WarnerMedia's streaming service, is hosting this event at the original soundstage on the Warner Bros. lot, we can absolutely expect to see this take place on a familiar set -- but as much as we love the purple apartment, we really hope it's the iconic coffee shop that plays host to this event.

The one where they all play another game. We can argue all day long about which Friends episode was the best, but almost any reasonable fan can agree that "The One with the Embryos" is high on the list. That was the episode in which Monica (Cox) and Rachel (Aniston) challenged Chandler (Perry) and Joey (LeBlanc) to a personalized trivia match to find out which pair knew the other the best, and -- spoiler alert? -- they lost the big apartment in the process. Many of the series' most exciting episodes have involved some kind of competition like this -- whether it was a rousing game of Bamboozled, Cups, or even racing Emma's wind-up toys -- so it seems only fitting that the stars might engage in another spirited game of some kind during their reunion.

The one where they predict what happened to their characters. There's been some serious back-and-forth from the cast about what became of their characters after they strolled out of Apartment 20. Jennifer Aniston, for example, once said that she thinks Ross (Schwimmer) and Rachel are still together, but she later said the exact opposite. Well, which is it?! Plus, we still don't know if Joey ever moved into the Brooklyn house after the events of Joey. And did Phoebe (Kudrow) and Mike (Paul Rudd) ever have a bunch of baby Hannigans like they planned, or did she finally go back to David (Hank Azaria), her true soulmate? Are the Bing babies besties with Emma and the triplets now? These are the need-to-knows.

The one where they say some catchphrases. This SO needs to happen. Bonus points if Matt LeBlanc whips out some garbled French at some point.

The one where Lisa Kudrow performs "Smelly Cat" again. If she can do it for Taylor Swift, she can do it for us.

The one where they reconnect with the two unofficial friends. Of the many supporting characters who made an impact throughout Friends' 10 seasons, Gunther (James Michael Tyler) and Janice (Maggie Wheeler) were undoubtedly the most important. Any Friends fan worth their trifle knows that Gunther's obsessive inner monologues and Janice's "Oh my God!"s were crucial to the comedy, and we'd love to see them back in the picture for this event.

The one where they share some behind-the-scenes glimpses we've never seen before. The cast of Friends has been pretty generous with their throwback goodies on social media lately, which makes us think there must be a full-on treasure trove of vintage videos, photos, and stories still waiting to be shared with the masses. Just like Joey, WE WANT THE JUICE.

The one where they settle the debate over whether Ross and Rachel were really on a break. To quote Phoebe, "Stop the madness!"

Friends and the unscripted cast reunion special will be available to stream on HBO Max when the service launches in May.

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