Not since Dallas nearly knocked off J.R. Ewing in 1980 has a cliffhanger sparked as widespread a guessing game as the one that has erupted in the wake of this season's Friends finale. The $64,000 question: Who impregnated Rachel (Jennifer Aniston)? A recent TV Guide Online poll revealed that most viewers thought that the single gal's ex-husband Ross ought to stock up on cigars. But he is far from the only fellow who might ace a paternity test. In fact, next season the mom-to-be could conceivably find herself reading Dr. Spock with any of these potential fathers.

Ross (David Schwimmer): Since their breakup, Rachel and her old flame have repeatedly reheated their romance — heck, they even got hitched during a lost weekend in Vegas. Plus, just because the one booty call they scheduled on-screen was aborted doesn't mean that there couldn't have been others.

Joey (Matt LeBlanc): Rachel's roomie has a rep for chasing anything that moves — former flatmate Chandler (Matthew Perry) being the exception (we think). And, in the season ender, she made a crack about sleeping with the horndog in the next bedroom. So, add it up. There is, after all, a kernel of truth in every joke.

Tag (Eddie Cahill): As the Geller-Bing nuptials neared, Rachel came to the painful (for the audience) conclusion that her boyish personal assistant wasn't, and never would be, old enough to tell her, "I do." Nonetheless, he certainly was mature enough to now be able to say, "You bet I did!"

Paul (Bruce Willis): While dating the father of Ross's college co-ed sweetheart, Rachel had a great time razzing her former beau about his playmate's youth. Now, if she's carrying Paul's child, she can spend nine months kidding Ross that there's a 50/50 chance that she's making him a new girlfriend.

Gunther (James Michael Tyler): Central Perk's morose manager could refuse java more easily than Rachel. So, maybe as wedding fever overcame her, she took advantage of his crush to remind herself that she's still desirable. If so, she can forget about withholding the papa's identity; a tuft of platinum-blond peach fuzz will give it away.

Ralph Lauren: Although it has been established that Rachel's not exactly likethis with her boss, she did brush up against him in an elevator once. And since some of those new fabrics really breathe, the designing man's fall line could include a selection of mohair onesies.

Brad Pitt: When Chandler needed a tuxedo, Rachel gave him his pick of celebrity hand-me-downs, from Val Kilmer's formalwear to Pierce Brosnan's. Therefore, there is no reason in the world why she couldn't also have helped the Tinsel Town sex symbol into — or out of — a penguin suit. Besides, can you imagine how cute their kids would be?