Court is officially in session for Shonda Rhimes' and ABC's For the People but we're already leaning across the aisle to talk about our favorite 'ship: Kate Littlejohn (Susannah Flood) and Leonard Knox (Rene-Jean Page).

Kate and Leonard both made big power moves in the show's opening episode, positioning themselves as the new top dogs on the prosecution side of the court. Kate is methodical and careful with her trial technique, but her preparation makes her lethal and immediately establishes her as one of the smartest people in the room. Leonard has a bit more ego, but his confidence is bolstered by his ability to walk the walk while talking the talk.

They both pull off the necessary wins in their respective cases and in the process created an undeniable spark. They even have a pre-trial ritual already! Talent attracts talent, right? There's no question that putting them together would create the show's most fearsome power couple, but does that mean it's time for them to take it to the next level?

Meet the Lawyers of For the People (And Their Shondaland Counterparts)

No friends and fellow Shondaland fans, it does not. If Kate and Leonard are to hook up in closed quarters, it'll be much better as delayed gratification. Leonard is good at what he does, but he still clearly has a few things to learn about himself before he's truly on Kate's level. There's a deep level of insecurity brooding under the surface and something says he needs to figure out what kind of lawyer and man he wants to be before he'll be any good at developing a healthy relationship.

Kate didn't have a fancy terrorism case this episode and she won her trial against a lawyer who didn't bring his A-game, so the full extent of her abilities wasn't displayed. Kate knows exactly who she is and what she wants though, and right now that's to be the best Federal Prosecutor she possibly can be. A sudden romance would be a distraction from that ultimate goal. Let's face it, if they did hook up, it would be hot and passionate and there's no way Kate would be able to highlight her depositions carefully with that kind of thing taking up valuable brain space.

There is an obvious draw between these two and it would be a disservice not to explore what's there, but there isn't a rush. This is the perfect kind of relationship for a slow-burn. Leonard needs to earn the privilege of sweeping his papers off his desk in favor of laying Kate's body on it (we would never wish him to disrupt her perfectly organized filing system). This is a Shondaland show so we know the hookups are coming, but we can wait for this one to have a real chance of working. This is One True Pairing potential.

For the People continues Tuesdays at 10/9c on ABC.