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Fargo: We Have So Many Questions About the First Full-Length Trailer

Like, what's the plot?

Sadie Gennis

Fargo's anticipated return is only a few weeks away, but we still know very little about the actual plot. And while the first full-length Season 3 trailer gives us some idea of what to expect when the Noah Hawley series returns, the one-minute video raised even more questions than it answers.

What's the tragedy Connie Coon's police chief Gloria Burgle is discussing?

What happened between brothers Emmit Stussy (Ewan McGregor) and Ray Stussy (also McGregor) when they were kids that makes Ray think Emmit is still indebted to him?

How did one Stussy brother age so well when the other aged so.... well, not well?

How did Ray land such a catch of a girlfriend as Mary Elizabeth Winstead's Nikki Swango?

Where did Nikka Swango get all of her amazing clothes?

More importantly, where did Nikki Swango get her amazing name?

Is it really romantic to rob a store in order to get your parolee fiancée an engagement ring?

How many nightmares are we going to have about David Thewlis' character?

And how will we ever cope with said nightmares?

Should we just give Carrie Coon the Golden Globe right now?

If you some made meth from frozen orange juice concentrate, do you think it would have an orange flavor?

And of course, how will we ever wait until Fargo returns on Wednesday, April 19 on FX?