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Isaiah Mustafa stopped by to give us all the goods about Episode 13, including the simmering sexual tension between Luke and Maryse Lightwood (Nicola Correia-Damude). According to the actor, the tension we've seen between these two characters is actually the reserved version, since the Shadowhunters powers that be actually had to tell him and Correi-Damude to tone it down. Can you even imagine?

Mustafa also gave us some good teases of what's to come, including some possible bloopers from the final scene he ever filmed for the show. Apparently, it was with Matthew Daddario, and they had some trouble keeping straight faces, which resulted in some 'racy' bloopers. So racy, in fact, that they might not ever see the light of day. Who wants to start the campaign now to get those bloopers released?

Is Shadowhunters' Final Season Also Its Sexiest?

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