Modern television, as you already know, is a gold rush, a bonanza, a whatever-euphemism-for-a-popular-thing-you-want-to-employ for A-list talent these days, and the one and only Julia Roberts is not to be left out of the marquee program boom. In an adaptation of the podcast Homecoming,Roberts surrenders to the pristine vision of director Sam Esmail to play Heidi Bergman, a therapist at a reform facility for soldiers who begins to realize that the rehabilitation space is not at all what it bills itself to be.

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Reviews have been mixed; while Homecoming is a sumptuous feast for the eyes and Roberts is as great as she's ever been, the spooky thriller will be a hit for some and, as these things go, a flop for others. Stephan James is a standout as Walter Cruz, the patient in Heidi's care who becomes disillusioned with the facility as time goes on, while Bobby Cannavale plays Heidi's scumbag boss who'll go to shocking lengths to keep her in line and on message.

Homecoming is no doubt one of the year's splashiest releases, a big sword being swung by Amazon to let everyone know it's here to have a stake in the streaming wars. But is it great? That's where you come in. Is Homecoming the big event it's billed to be or just hype? Let us know what you think by voting right here.

Julia Roberts, <em>Homecoming</em>Julia Roberts, Homecoming