Scandal Scandal

Scandal is moving up an hour to Thursdays #TGIT at 9/8c, so fittingly, its stars are dressed to the nines.

In our exclusive first look at the Season 4 cast shot below, Olivia & Co. are donning way more than their Sunday best — the ladies are in red carpet-ready ball gowns, the gents in white bow tie tuxes. Is there a White House event to get shot at that they need to get to... like Fitz's re-inauguration?

Fall TV: Where have we seen this before?

Also interesting to note: The eyelines. Everyone is staring straight into the camera except for Mellie (Bellamy Young

) and David (Joshua Malina). The former is eyeballing hubby Fitz (Tony Goldwyn), while the latter is gazing at Olivia (Kerry Washington) — or maybe Jake (Scott Foley) because of those classified B613 files he gave him? Or because, well, why wouldn't you stare at Scott Foley?!Check out the photo below.

Scandal returns Thursday, Sept. 25 at 9/8c on ABC. Watch the Season 4 teaser now:

Scandal Season 4 First Look

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