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Euphoria's Penis-Filled Locker Room Scene Blew Twitter's Mind

Cue all the eggplant emojis

Amanda Bell

Even before Euphoria premiered, there was a lot of hype about just how many penises would be shown on screen in this wild new Gen-Z drama. While the premiere was relatively tame on the full-frontal front -- save for one prosthetic penis worn by Eric Dane -- the second episode went all in with the NSFW content.

The episode explored the sordid history of Nate's (Jacob Elordi) father and how it complicates his own perspective and relationships, including his conflicted mindset while exposed to so many free-swinging body parts in the boys' locker room.

Euphoria: A Teen Drama With Lots of Drugs, Lots of Sex, and Lots to Say

The brief but gratuitous scene included dozens of down-under shots, and even though it would've included as many as 80 more if creator Sam Levinson's original cut had made it past the HBO brass, that was plenty enough for the internet to react with collective shock on Sunday night over just how many nether bits were visible in the locker room scene.

For a lot of people, the massive penis count wasn't necessary to illuminate Jake's view, like, at all.

For others, it was no more shocking than some of the raunchy things that happened throughout Game of Thrones.

There were even a few folks who didn't understand what all the fuss was about after they finally saw the scene they'd be warned about for so many weeks on end.

From Jacob Elordi's close-up vantage point, filming the scene was a revealing but also very funny experience.

"For me, it was interesting because that scene was actually very real and the look on my face and the way that I was feeling was very real. The energy in the room of that many big men jumping and yelling and slapping you -- nudity aside -- I'm nothing like Nate and it was so intense," he told The Hollywood Reporter. "I didn't realize locker rooms could be so intense, but it was actually quite hilarious."

Euphoria airs on Sundays at 10/9c on HBO.

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​Euphoria Season 1, Episode 2

Euphoria Season 1, Episode 2