ER Laura Innes sure does a fine job directing, as she did tonight, but I sure do wish she'd get back on screen. OK, enough whining. Glad they had Neela say goodbye to Ray as a roommate, especially since her in-laws came to town. What bad timing on Ray's part: Now was not the time to be thinking of getting it on with his roomie. 'Twas very classy of him to say to her "You're the best friend I ever had" right before she drove away in the cab. Great scene between Parminder Nagra

and guest star Sheryl Lee Ralph (Moesha's step-mama needs to do more TV dramas) the last thing Neela thought she'd hear from her mother-in-law is that she was separating from her husband. I loved that she told Neela to stay in Chicago if she wanted to. Speaking of her husband, yet another former Oz actor is getting more work nice to see Ernie Hudson back on TV. I've been a fan of his work since, you guessed it, Ghostbusters. Most poignant story line was the young hearing-impaired guy and the girl who went into convulsions after mixing her consonants (X needs to stay away from G, people hugs not drugs). I liked that the cops apologized at the end, and it was awesome to see the deaf guy give them the obscene gesture in return. Not sure if I'm really grasping the depth of Armand Assante's performance, perhaps because I seriously need to put my closed-captioning on whenever he speaks. I kept going "What?" and then would rewind and listen again. How interesting that Luka is sending Pratt to Africa to join Carter. It's good that Luka's staying and I was very happy to see a Luka-Sam moment, too. Next week a repeat. Cue Debbie Downer noise. Dave Anderson

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