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Emmy voting is almost over! Academy members have two days left to check off the names and shows they think are worthy of getting a nomination come July 14. We here at have a few picks in mind ourselves. Next up: our dream ballot for Best Lead Actor in a Drama:

Emmys:'s picks for lead actress in a drama

Steve Buscemi, Boardwalk Empire

A nomination is inevitable for Buscemi, a veteran actor who finally has a lead role to show off his full range. Yes, Buscemi's played baddies before, but never one as complex and rich as Nucky Thompson — an unscrupulous playboy mobster who's also the heart of the show. Buscemi's already won the Golden Globe and the SAG, but don't think that means he's a lock for an Emmy win. Emmy voters often march to the beat of their own drum. Just last year, Julianna Margulies and Michael C. Hall swept the Globe and SAG, only to lose the Emmy.Kyle Chandler, Friday Night LightsLights' final season provided Chandler one of his best showcases, as Coach carefully navigated the Lions through a tense season and his own life-changing developments on the home front. It's hard to pinpoint one moment, but go watch any of Chandler's moving, delicate scenes with Michael B. Jordan and Connie Britton. He and Britton managed to break into their respective categories last year and it would be a shame if either were dropped.

Emmys:'s picks for supporting actor in a drama

Jon Hamm, Mad Men
Like Elisabeth Moss, Hamm is the one to beat here, for two reasons: 1) three-time defending champion Bryan Cranston is ineligible; and 2) he also has "The Suitcase." Hamm's tour de force performance — completely breaking down the shiny veneer of Don Draper in an intoxicated, and intoxicating, spiral — was a master class in acting that we'd gladly pay to attend. After all, that's what the money is for.Donal Logue, TerriersIt's not completely unheard of for an actor to get nominated for an axed show and in Logue's case, it would be thoroughly deserved. In probably his best role to date, Logue put his well-honed comedic and dramatic skills to use in depicting the lost soul that was Hank Dolworth, whose self-destructiveness was both pitiful and sympathetic. Terriers came up very short in the ratings and unfortunately will come up even shorter here.

Emmys:'s picks for supporting actress in a drama

Timothy Olyphant, JustifiedCan you picture anyone else capturing the charisma and swagger of Raylan Givens besides Olyphant now? His portrayal of the trigger-happy outlaw, imbued with wit and vulnerability, almost has us convinced that Elmore Leonard wrote the character with him in mind. Plus, with the show having stepped up its game this season, it's high time the academy takes its (cowboy) hat off to Olyphant.Ray Romano, Men of a Certain AgeProving to be so much more than a sitcom guy, Romano continues to astound with his profoundly realistic and understated portrayal of Joe Tranelli in what is a deeply personal project. The comedian won an acting Emmy for Everybody Loves Raymond (and two more for producing it), but this is easily the finest performance of his career. The good news is that Andre Braugher nabbed a surprise supporting nomination last year, so the show is on the academy's radar.Who would you like to see nominated?