Jim Parsons, Leonard Nimoy Jim Parsons, Leonard Nimoy

Emmy season is underway! For the next week, Emmy voters will be checking off names and shows they think are worthy of getting a nomination come July 19. We at TVGuide.com have a few selections in mind ourselves. Next up: our dream ballot for Best Comedy Series.

Emmys: TVGuide.com's picks for lead actor in a comedy series

The Big Bang Theory

After notching a series nod last year, a repeat appearance seems nearly certain. Big Bang remains hilarious, has wide appeal and enjoyed its best year yet, repeatedly dethroning American Idol in the ratings and scoring nominations left and right not only for Jim Parsons, but Johnny Galecki as well. A multi-camera sitcom hasn't won Best Comedy Series since Everybody Loves Raymond took home its second trophy in 2005, and Big Bang is best poised to break that streak.GirlsGirls is not everyone's cup of tea, and detractors will continue to call it out for its lack of diversity and accuse it of nepotism. But the drier-than-gin series is refreshing in its awkward, bare realness. Nevermind the fact that creator, star, writer, director and producer Lena Dunham has been a revelation of boundless talent.Happy EndingsHappy Endings may just be the little show that could. After ABC seemingly burned off the show when it debuted in April 2011, it got a last-minute reprieve and produced one of the most hysterical seasons ever. Between Brad and Jane's "Spring Smackdown" fight, Dave's Whore's Bath cocktail that induces sex dreams about him, its snappy, pop-culture heavy dialogue, and the cast's oh-so-perfect chemistry, no show put the "fun" in "funny" better than Happy Endings this past TV season. Plus, what other show could produce this many .gifs?

Emmys: TVGuide.com's picks for supporting actor in a comedy series

We dare you to find a more innovative and brilliant series currently on the air than Louie. Louis C.K.'s brainchild is single-handedly reshaping the genre with its weird, bold brand of storytelling — a vignette structure featuring segments of his stand-up gigs. C.K. crashed the lead actor race last year, so could a series nod be that far off?

New Girl
The series was built around Zooey Deschanel's cute and quirky ways, but it's developed into a formidable ensemble show with side-splitting, star-making turns from Max Greenfield and Jake Johnson. No nomination might call for a donation for the Douchebag Jar.

Parks and Recreation
If there's a show that consistently delivers every season, it's this one. Just like we can depend on Leslie's kindness, we can always look to Parks and Rec for bellyaching yet heartwarming laughs from one of the most endearing and talented casts on TV. In Season 4 alone, we got Leslie's city council campaign, finally met Tammy 1 (an Emmy-worthy guest spot by Patricia Clarkson) and learned the art of treating yo' self. And just like the citizens of Pawnee, Emmy better vote Knope.

Which shows do you want to get nominated?