The 70th Primetime Emmy Awards had a big upset in the Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series category when Bill Hader beat William H. Macy, Larry David, Anthony Anderson Ted Danson and — most notably --Donald Glover for the trophy. Hader played a depressed hitman who dreamt of being an actor but couldn't escape his life in Barry.

Glover's acclaimed, eerie performance in Atlanta had him greatly favored to win heading into the ceremony, where he potentially could have become the first black actor to win the prize twice. And Glover was primed to maximize the moment too, with someone (maybe Glover himself) spookily in the audience dressed as the ghoulish Teddy Perkins.

Apparently Hader didn't get phased by Glover's low-key bit, gracefully taking the stage to accept his award with a succinct, humble speech. "I took classes at Second City L.A.," Hader said. "I was taught there you should always make other people look good, so I hired a bunch of really great actors that always make me look good." One of those actors, Henry Winkler, had taken home the Emmy for Supporting Actor in a Comedy earlier in the night.

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Hader was the only person in the race who had never been nominated for lead actor before, although he's won a trophy for his producing work on South Park and been nominated multiple times for Saturday Night Live and Documentary Now! in the supporting actor category.

"It's totally surreal to me. It was surreal when we got the nominations and everything," Hader said to press backstage. "Then I won, and I don't know what I said. The other great thing is that we did the premiere of this show back in March and my dad came up to me and gave me a hug and said 'This is all you wanted to do.'"