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Wait, Why Did Drogon Let Jon Snow Go Free on the Game of Thrones Finale?

Drogon Not Avenging Dany Was the Biggest Sure, Jan of the finale

Malcolm Venable

The Game of Thrones finale put the most pressing question -- who won the Iron Throne? -- to rest, but, perhaps as expected, the finale ended up raising many more questions and creating some nonsensical plot holes. (How, for example, did Emilia Clarke's Daenerys Targaryen have time and means to get a perfect manicure, fresh braids, and a new outfit just after committing genocide?) Surely, people will argue over whether Tyrion is fit to lead the Small Council for weeks to come, but another particularly puzzling moment occurred when Drogon rolled up on Jon Snow (Kit Harington) and decided he would let the man who murdered his mother go free.

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That Dany would indeed lose her life in the finale did not come as a surprise to die-hard Game of Thrones fans; neither was Bran's ascension to the highest post in Westeros. What nobody could've predicted though, was that after Jon extinguished Dany's life, he'd stand over her like some dimwitted thief on an episode of Cops who doesn't even have enough sense to run before the cops show up. As Jon stood mourning the entirely justified but still heartbreaking assassination, Dany's remaining dragon, Drogon, appeared out of the gray sky, likely sensing his mother's peril. Granted, Drogon's discovery was a beautiful, tragic scene, and though GoT's dragons can't convey too much emotion on their gnarly faces, his pain felt palpable. Drogon clearly understood what had happened; he nudged her lifeless body, and while I can't speak to the clarity of dragon vision, he'd have been hard-pressed to miss the dagger poking out of her heart. (For a minute there, it looked like he was going to pluck it out of her with his teeth, right?) This is where things got weird.

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Drogon opened his throat and let the fire rip -- but not at the obvious culprit, Jon. Instead, Drogon turned his ferocious fury onto the throne, dracarys-ing the coveted seat of kings until it resembled the liquified metal in a Terminator movie. Jon bravely stared Drogon down until the dragon scooped up Dany's body and flew away.

I'm sorry, what? Come again?

This made zero sense, because it means the dragon not only understood that Jon killed Dany over the throne, but that he knew the throne was the root of all evil and must be destroyed. Awfully esoteric for a dragon, no? It also means that the beast, lukewarm at best about Jon in the first place, chose to pardon him just moments after Jon betrayed their family and robbed him of his protector. Really? Countless people and two of his dragon siblings were killed in pursuit of this throne, and we've seen Drogon exact revenge before, but when practically witnessing the murder of his parent, Drogon just threw a tantrum and flew away? Sure, Jan.

Yeah, yeah, Jon has Targaryen blood, but does he have enough to survive dragonfire? It would have been fun to find out. And even if GoT's creators wanted to reserve the honor of being the Unburnt for Daenerys alone, a cat-and-mouse chase between Drogon and Jon might've livened the largely dull episode up a bit to make us at least wonder if the Queenslayer would survive. But having a sentient weapon of mass destruction just fly away without so much as an attempt to punish the offender seems too far a stretch of credulity.

Where'd he go? Back to Essos where he was born perhaps? To eat Dany's remains? Judging by Sam's intel, Drogon may have headed back to Old Valyria to live with the stone men again. It was where he'd made a home for himself while his mom was in Meereen, as he was spotted there by Jorah (Iain Glen) and Tyrion (Peter Dinklage) during their trek through the ancient ruins. Maybe Drogon will pen his own tell-all with the answers. Or perhaps King Bran will use his creepy warging powers to locate him and get to the bottom of it. Clearly, he's the only person left who understands what the hell was happening on this show.

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