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This midseason, ABC will debut the new comedy Work It about two guys who — stop us if you've heard this one before — must dress up as women to make ends meet. Yes, the series will borrow a few pages from its cross-dressing predecessor Bosom Buddies, but the 1980 Tom Hanks-Peter Scolari buddy comedy is hardly the only TV show or movie to force the lead character to take a walk on the opposite side of the gender line.

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Whether it's for a noble cause (Mrs. Doubtfire's male alter-ego just wanted to see his kids, OK?!) or just for fun (how you doin' Mayor Giuliani Mrs. Silvestri), dressing a man up in a skirt and heels doesn't have to be such a drag. Oh, and who says men get to have all the gender-bending fun? A few ladies also get in on the action.  Check out the list of our favorite TV and movie cross-dressers.