Is actor Vincent D'Onofrio bitter that his new romantic indie Happy Accidents — featuring his turn as Marisa Tomei's unsettlingly quirky suitor — only just hit theaters after sitting on the shelf for a year? Hmm... could be!

"If I say what accounts for the delay in the film's release, then I'll get in trouble," he explains mysteriously. "A big company [expletive] us."

Truth be told, D'Onofrio doesn't really concern himself with such extraneous details. In fact, unlike many of his peers, the star of such varied fare as The Cell and Steal This Movie doesn't even give much thought to what impact his choice of projects will have on his career. "Obviously I haven't set out to be a superstar," laughs the actor, who stars in NBC's Law & Order: Criminal Intent this fall. "I do things for the sake of doing them. But I make really good money!"

While most of his cash comes from brief but scene-stealing roles — like his incognito alien in Men in Black — the Brooklyn native still credits his success to director Stanley Kubrick, who gave him his big break as "Gomer Pyle" in Full Metal Jacket.

"I was so lucky to get Full Metal Jacket and have my whole character-acting career set up like that," he says. "Let's face it, I'm a 220 lb., six-foot-four Italian guy. I barely get away with what I do now!"