<I>Dollhouse</i> Dollhouse

The Season 2 premiere of Fox's Dollhouse will be written and directed by the man himself: series creator Joss Whedon. The catch: You're going to have to wait an extra week to see it.

Fox has pushed back Dollhouse's return date to Friday, Sept. 25, to afford Whedon & Co. sufficient time to produce enough hours to kick off the season with at least three or four consecutive episodes.

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An encore of the series premiere of Glee (yes, it's an all-new episode) will now air in Dollhouse's original return slot of Friday, Sept. 18 at 9 pm/ET.

Dollhouse stars Eliza Dushku as Echo, a woman whose personality has been erased. An illegal, oftentimes amoral underground operation imprints Echo with custom personalities specific to the needs of its high-paying clientele.

Season 1 of Dollhouse arrives on DVD July 28 for regular folk, but is available six days earlier in a special, limited-supply Comic-Con edition (to be picked up in person at the San Diego event).

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