Desperate Housewives They finally made reference to pregnant Gabrielle actually showing a little. Of course, we as viewers don't see it, but Gaby's model friends noticed it right away. So funny seeing her try to fit into that dress. How ironic that she fell down the stairs after running from a soft-focused Caleb (soft-focused since the actor has since been replaced notice how they never showed him close up last night?). That guy sure wanted some ice cream. If only Betty hadn't taken it away from him. I guess Gaby got her wish since she didn't want the baby. I loved how Betty distracted Bree by praising her hydrangeas while Matthew searched for Caleb in Bree's backyard, only to find Bree's sunbathing daughter acting all slutty with him. Oh, Bree. She reluctantly said yes to a proposing George. Best Bree line (after George asked, "Will you marry me?"): "Huh?  I thought we were going to a yard sale." Excellent casting of daytime soap diva

Linda Dano as George's mother and soap veteran Maree Cheatham as her best friend. When I make reference to my own mother, please picture Linda Dano as my Joan since Linda's a Joan clone. How preposterous for George to suddenly become a macho man by knocking out Bree's therapist and throwing him over the bridge! Yeah, right. How wonderful to see Lynette dealing with something besides her job those parents of her twins' twin friends were a riot. Further kudos for the casting of Meagen Fey and Larry Miller as the kinky parents Meagen was just on Nip/Tuck last week as the mother of a boy with Down's syndrome. My favorite moment was Susan having sex with her ex and then Edie thanking her. Susan to Edie: "I'm sorry, what?" Edie: "Well I'm not going to say it again. It hurt my teeth the first time." Brilliant.   Dave Anderson


Grey's Anatomy
Right away, I've got to mention how funny it was to see Sandra Oh in that tight blue dress one hour after seeing Eva Longoria squeeze into basically the same dress. I love how Cristina and Burke's first real date went from a disaster ("You eat red meat?") to the "best date ever" after they saved a man's life. Great line (after Burke asked Cristina to operate the saw during surgery): "You won't let me pick the wine, but this you'll let me do?" Other highlights:- George was his usual hilarious self. I knew his day wasn't going to be a good one after the pigeon pooped on his bagel and then the man fell from the sky on top of the pigeon. Awesome moment when George realized the man jumped from the scaffolding on purpose. It's all about George's facial expressions.- Nice to see Shelly Berman in a hospital but not as a patient this time, like he was on Curb Your Enthusiasm. Even nicer seeing an elderly couple still so much in love after 60 years of marriage. Made perfect sense that neither of them wanted the other to know the wife was dying.- Glad that Bailey told Webber she was pregnant. (Chandra Wilson just had her baby in real life two weeks ago if you want to know more about her, pick up the new issue of TV Guide.)- Beautiful ending with the Shepherds' friend Weiss showing up just in time for his wife's double mastectomy and hysterectomy. Interesting to see Derek and Addison attempting to make their marriage work.But poor Meredith. The episode began with Addison catching her popping a zit and it ended with her telling Derek "I miss you" and Derek answering with "I can't." Somehow I think the next time he says those two words, they'll be followed by "resist you."   DA