Robert DeNiro Robert DeNiro

What the fock?

Despite being a late-night staple for nearly three decades, David Letterman has never welcomed Robert De Niro as a guest — until now.

The Oscar winner will make his first appearance on The Late Show Friday with his Little Fockers co-star and seven-time Letterman guest Dustin Hoffman.

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"We've been on the air for 30 years. Right now, we're on CBS. We used to be on NBC. I live in your neighborhood, literally, your neighborhood. We're neighbors, and this is your first time — what have I done?" Letterman teased De Niro in the interview, taped earlier this week."Oh, God, I don't know," De Niro, reticent as ever, said. "I just — well, whatever. Dustin, he'll explain to you.""I am the De Niro Whisperer," Hoffman quipped.Little Fockers

hits theaters Wednesday.

Watch the clip below: