Showtime is really packing a punch with its new series, Resurrection Blvd., says hunky star Michael DeLorenzo. Unfortunately, though, he says he's the one taking all the hits.

DeLorenzo, of New York Undercover fame, says he was a little nervous about his role as a boxer in the new family drama. "I worked with real boxers so I have the utmost respect for boxing right now," the actor tells the TV Guide Channel. "Before, I went, 'Aaahh, I could do any of that, shoot!' But the first guy that I fought was Pete Cunningham and he's like a five-time world-champion kickboxer. And I just said to him, 'Please just be gentle with me! I wanna do other things besides this!' "

DeLorenzo adds that he's excited to work on the first show to ever center on a Latino family with a primarily Latino cast and crew. "Just crazy Latinos everywhere! It's like, where'd they come from? I don't know! It's a rare commodity in the film industry to employ [Latino] people on both sides of the camera."

But DeLorenzo says you need not have Latin roots to relate to the Santiago family. "It's a family in East L.A., but who happens to be Latino. This story is very universal because it could be an Irish family, it could be an Italian family, it could be any family you pick because the story itself is about the struggles of being a family."

DeLorenzo also notes that he can dish it out as well as he takes it in the ring. "I slipped a few black eyes!" he says.