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David Lynch's Netflix Short Film WHAT DID JACK DO? Is Already Meme Gold

Monkeys say the darndest things

Amanda Bell

To celebrate his 74th birthday on Monday, filmmaker David Lynch decided to gift the world with another of his wild cinematic adventures -- a surprise short film he dropped on Netflix. Titled WHAT DID JACK DO?, the 17-minute, black-and-white film features Lynch interrogating a monkey who may or may not be a murderer. Annnnd, yep, that's about it.

Despite the abbreviated runtime and tiny scope of its plot, there's still a whole lot happening in WHAT DID JACK DO? There's the purposefully grainy nature of the film, which might remind audiences of Lynch's first feature, Eraserhead. (For the uninitiated, the short even could serve as a primer for Lynch's style of filmography -- it's a taste of how he likes to operate when he's working on his own terms.) Then there's the drab one-room setting in a locked-down train station, which is sure to induce a bit of secondhand discomfort: an appropriate feeling, given the inquisition taking place. There's also a delightfully bad human mouth overlay on the monkey that is impossible to look away from. Add in the intensely bizarre dialogue between the two characters, and the film is already following in the grand Lynchian tradition of creating eternal internet memes.

To honor this unexpected welcome to the new week, here's a sampling of some of Twitter's best reactions to WHAT DID JACK DO? This mini-movie -- and especially its potty-mouthed primate -- definitely earned its internet moment.

Naturally, the conversation would not be complete without a couple of solid Twin Peaks references.

WHAT DID JACK DO? is now available on Netflix.