Uh oh, it looks like we'll have to keep our dancing shoes in storage this spring!

Dancing with the Stars usually churns out two seasons a year, but for 2019, ABC has elected to skip the spring cycle of the show. TVLine first reported the news, and TV Guide has confirmed that Dancing with the Stars is not currently on the spring schedule and is expected to return in the fall.

This is a troubling trend Dancing with the Stars is starting, considering they only released an abbreviated spring season in 2018, shortening their Dancing with the Stars: All Athletes season to four weeks instead of the regular 10. While there's been no explanation for this decision on ABC's part, it could have something to do with the controversial season that just aired.

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Season 27 was odd to say the least, with talented front-runners getting the axe long before their time, while more, um, inexperienced dancers continued to progress in the competition. Not to name names or anything, but WTF was Grocery Store Joe doing in those semi-finals?

Here's hoping this extended break can hit the reset button on Dancing with the Stars so it can return in better shape for Season 28!

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