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Dancing with the Stars: Did Gary Busey Make It to Week 3?

Read our recap of Tuesday's show

Liz Raftery

It's Night 2 of the hometown visits on Dancing with the Stars, meaning we get to learn a little bit more about the pros - and a second couple gets sent home.

Let's get to it!

Hayes Grier and Emma Slater (quickstep)
The dance: Their footwork is fine, but there's something lacking between Hayes and Emma and the dance, despite its high energy level, mostly leaves me bored. There doesn't seem to be much of a connection between them beyond a teacher-student vibe, and even though he's a web sensation, Hayes' charisma isn't translating to the dance floor at this point.
What the judges say: Julianne tells Hayes to keep his butt in check (literally). Bruno loved the "youthful energy" but agrees with Julianne about Hayes' posterior. Carrie Ann compliments Hayes' hold but says his feet have a mind of their own sometimes.
Score: 23 (out of 30)

Carlos PenaVega and Witney Carson (cha cha)
The dance: Carlos is bringing his A-game tonight, one-upping his and Witney's foxtrot from Monday night (and, for that matter, maybe Alexa's dance as well). Their cha cha is fierce and inventive, and contrary to the judges, I was completely entertained.
What the judges say: Bruno tells Carlos he was "too squatty" at times and missed a couple of steps, but he's sure they'll be back next week. Carrie Ann says she "wasn't impressed." Julianne says Carlos needs to straighten his legs more.
Score: 21

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Gary Busey and Anna Trebunskaya (paso doble)
The dance: Gary's face. He looks like he's performing this paso atop a tightrope, rather than on a dance floor. If nothing else, he looks like he's having a hell of a time clomping around out there. But if he doesn't go home tonight, we can all agree that the show is just keeping him around to see what comes out of his mouth next, right?
What the judges say: Carrie Ann said the dance had intensity, character and an entertainment value, but not much paso content. Julianne says the dance was "a little bit scary" at times (in more ways than one, I assume she means). Bruno says the dance was like Frankenstein goes to Russia.
Score: 15

Andy Grammer and Allison Holker (contemporary)
The dance: This cover of "Heaven Is a Place on Earth" is a total snooze, and the dance is probably a bit ambitious for Week 2. He looks absolutely terrified during one of the big lifts, and is too tentative in general for most of the routine. There's some level of emotion, though, which is commendable.
What the judges say: Julianne says Andy seemed totally present, but needs to finish his arm extensions. Bruno thinks the routine was so difficult, he can't believe Andy made it all the way through. Carrie Ann says this was a great improvement as far as musicality is concerned, but that Andy looks too stressed.
Score: 23

Alexa PenaVega and Mark Ballas (rumba)
The dance: This is the level of emotion Andy and Allison were striving for and didn't quite hit. Alexa and Mark continue to be totally in sync with each other, and their rumba is genuinely moving. EvenTom Bergeron can't even muster up a witty one-liner at the end of the routine.
What the judges say: Bruno calls it a "proper romantic, classic rumba." Carrie Ann says Alexa nailed Mark's mom's signature move, but looked stiff at times. Julianne offers Alexa some pointers on her hip movements.
Score: 22

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Paula Deen and Louis Van Amstel (tango)
The dance: How Paula got her groove back?This is definitely her best dance so far, despite a super awkward moment in the middle when Paula literally just freezes mid-dance. (To her credit, Louis doesn't do much to help her out.) Also, I really wish she would nix her distracting habit of singing along to the songs she's dancing to.
What the judges say: Carrie Ann is impressed with how sexy Paula is, and Julianne likes her sass. Bruno tells Paula to keep her dance on simmer, but don't boil over.
Score: 18

Bindi Irwin and Derek Hough (waltz)
The dance: Not sure how I feel about this waltz. The emotion is there for, sure, but it almost seems a bit too intense at times and pulls me out of the moment. But any concerns Bindi had about her footwork during rehearsals are definitely put to bed.
What the judges say: "Two dancers dancing as one," according to Julianne. Bruno loves Bindi's "purity" but cautions her to watch her shoulders. And Carrie Ann says the dance was magical, but she has to deduct points for an inadvertent lift at the end.
Score: 23

Kim Zolciak and Tony Dovolani (foxtrot)
The dance: It's shaky at times, but Kim gets an A for effort for her foxtrot. Her legwork is pretty impressive, but it's clear she hasn't attained a level of trust with Tony to completely turn herself over to the dance at this point.
What the judges say: Bruno advises Kim to push herself and resist playing it safe, but she's making progress. Carrie Ann tells Kim she's a better dancer than she thinks she is, but her energy is inconsistent. Julianne offers her advice on her lines.
Score: 18

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Alek Skarlatos and Lindsay Arnold (quickstep)
The dance: Alek is turning into quite the dancer! It's actually Lindsay who messes up a step in this routine, but Alek does a great job (especially for someone who, as we're told repeatedly, was just a regular guy a few weeks ago).
What the judges say: Carrie Ann says Alek messed up a few times, but she considers Alek and Lindsay a "power couple." Julianne notes that the dance started strong but then went downhill. Bruno renames Alek "Alek the Great."
Score: 22

Victor Espinoza and Karina Smirnoff (rumba)
The dance: It's clear that Victor's listened to the judges' comments about his lines, and while he doesn't quite "take control" of Karina, as he promises to do, this dance is a step up from Monday night. His footwork at times is still incredibly shaky though. And I'm not sure how I feel about comparing Karina to American Pharoah.
What the judges say: Julianne says the dance is Victor's best so far, and Bruno compliments his lines. "Whoever says size matters never met you," Carrie Ann tells him.
Score: 20

Nick Carter and Sharna Burgess (foxtrot)
The dance: Nailed it! Nick totally redeems his stumble from the previous show and acts as the perfect anchor for Sharna during this fantastic number. It achieves the emotional resonance that Kim and Tony's foxtrot couldn't quite reach, and is a nice contrast to the high-energy number from Monday.
What the judges say: "Nick is back on track," notes Bruno. Carrie Ann felt a "poetry" in the dance, and Julianne says the best part of the dance was that Nick finally got out of his head and went for it.
Score: 24

Tamar Braxton and Val Chmerkovskiy (Charleston)
The dance: We knew it was only a matter of time before Val went for the skin vote, and here we are. But, I love, love, love Tamar's feminist reactions to Val's choreography suggestions. She takes that defiant attitude straight to the dance floor, and matches Val step for step in this hip-hop-tinged Charleston. For this episode at least, Dancing saved the best for last.
What the judges say: "That was the funkiest Charleston I have ever seen on this show," Carrie Ann gushes. Julianne says their connection was "seamless." And Bruno calls the dance "uplifting" and "energizing."
Score: 25

And we've arrived at the second elimination of the season.

In jeopardy: Gary and Anna, Victor and Karina

Eliminated: Victor and Karina

I feel sorry for Victor, but I'm honestly still chuckling at Gary's loud "What?" to Anna after Tom Bergeron's prepared remarks. And yet, he survives another week!

What did you think? Were you surprised Victor and Karina were sent home? What was your favorite dance of the night? And as we head into Week 3, who's your early favorite to win the whole shebang? Sound off in the comments!

Dancing with the Stars airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.