Joey Lawrence and Karina Smirnoff by Stephen Brashear/AP Photo Joey Lawrence and Karina Smirnoff by Stephen Brashear/AP Photo

I have a huge favor to ask, Ausholes.

It's no secret that Dancing with the Stars isn't exactly Must-See TV for me. Heck, this may very well be the first time those four words have ever appeared in this blog. And that's never really been a problem.

Until now.

You see, tomorrow afternoon I'm heading out to Uniondale, New York, to go behind the scenes of the Dancing with the Stars Tour for a special edition of my Ausiello Report vodcast. And I don't have the foggiest idea what I'm going to ask these people. So, please, Dancing fanatics - and I know you're out there - find it in your heart to help a guy out. Take a look at the list of participants below and post your burning questions in the comments section. Or, if you'd prefer to keep things on the DL, e-mail your Qs to me at Either way, just get them to me. And quick. My pedicab leaves at 2 pm/ET Friday.

The alternative is me being forced to ask Joey Lawrence about a Blossom reunion, and no one needs that.

Marie Osmond
Jonathan Roberts
Wayne Newton
Cheryl Burke
Mark Ballas
Joey Lawrence
Edyta Sliwinska
Alec Mazo
Derek Hough
Brian Fortuna
Kym Johnson
Louis Van Amstel
Karina Smirnoff

Thank you in advance!