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Rebecca Black has made peace with the backlash from her song-turned-Web phenomenon "Friday" — but not before she cried.

In an interview with Good Morning America on Friday, the 13-year-old said that she's been cyberbullied. One commenter wrote her with, "I hope you cut yourself and I hope you get an eating disorder so you'll look pretty. I hope you cut and die."

Rebecca Black on "Friday" backlash: "I'm being cyberbullied"

She admitted that at first she cried and felt "like this was my fault, and I shouldn't have done this, and this is all because of me," Black said. "Now I don't feel that way."

To prove her point, she sang the first few bars of the national anthem a capella to prove that she can actually sing and doesn't need to rely on the Auto Tune vocals so heavily used in "Friday." "I think I have talent on some level," she said. "I don't think I'm the worst singer but I don't think I'm the best singer."

Rebecca Black's "Friday" goes viral (but for all the wrong reasons)

Black has coped with her notoriety another way, too, reasoning, "Even if a person doesn't like [the song], it's going to be stuck in their head." She even hopes that she can one day sing with her teen idol, Justin Bieber. "That would be unreal," she said. "That would just make my life."

Check out the interview below. Do you think she's the worst singer?