Craig Ferguson Craig Ferguson

On Monday's Late Late Show, Craig Ferguson debuted the new set, which features red satin drapes, a fireplace and ... a spanking station?

In Ferguson's  opening monologue he described the unusual addition to his new digs. "This is a like a brand-spanking new set — and by spanking, I mean spanking," Ferguson joked. "We have a spanking station, behind the curtain. Regis [Philbin] helped me break it in."

Letterman, Ferguson To remain On CBS through 2014

But it appears as though the former Live! co-host isn't so happy about the Late Late Show's makeover. In the episode opener, Regis Philbin gave Ferguson a lengthy lecture explaining his displeasure at the new set, claiming even Geoff the Robot was unhappy with the changes.Watch Philbin's critique of the new set below. What do you think of Ferguson's new set?