Christopher Gorham, Devin Kelley Christopher Gorham, Devin Kelley

Spoiler alert! Auggie will spend a lot of time in the sack on Covert Affairs.

OK, that's not really surprising, but what is surprising is the fact that the resident ladies' man is spending it with just one lady.

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"I think it's great we'll finally see him with a girlfriend," Christopher Gorham

tells "We haven't explored that yet — we've seen him with girls and [his ex], but this is going to be interesting for him. It's something he wasn't expecting, that's for sure."Auggie's gal pal is not Annie (Piper Perabo), but it isn't some chick he meets at a bar either. She's Parker (Devin Kelley), the younger sister of Billy, who died in the Iraq mission that blinded Auggie. They meet on Tuesday's episode (10/9c, USA) at a memorial held by Billy's family that Annie encourages him to attend."Potentially, it's a very complicated relationship," Gorham says. "It starts slowly. She's got that spark that he's really drawn to. She's caring and she's also younger than him. It doesn't mirror Auggie's relationship with Annie, but it's reminiscent of it, especially Auggie and Annie in Season 1 when Annie really needed him and he looked after her. There's a bit of that. Frankly, Auggie kind of stumbles into this relationship. I don't think that he goes into it intending for it to be a relationship."Though that sounds like a big brother-type connection, Gorham insists the relationship is reciprocal and healthy as the two bond over Billy's death. So what's Auggie like as a boyfriend? Well, for one, we'll see his softer side, or a little of it at least.

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"His emotions get away from him a little bit, not, like, pulling his heart out crying or anything like that, but he gets surprised by how deep his feelings are for Parker. I think he thinks he loves her. I don't know if he does or not, but he thinks he does," Gorham says. "Honestly, I think in a long-term relationship, Auggie might be a difficult boyfriend! He's so good at keeping things close to the vest and not sharing personal information. It's such a part of him, which is something that can be very attractive on a short-term basis, but in a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship, that can get really frustrating."His relationship with Parker falls into the "short-term" category, which ought to make Annie-Auggie 'shippers happy. Kelley will only appear in three of Season 2's final six episodes as Parker leaves to start her service in the Peace Corps. The couple makes a decision about what to do, but it's far from final. "If the relationship continues, which it certainly may, then we may explore more of that in Season 3," Gorham says. "It's a very open question as to what's going to happen."True to character, Auggie keeps the relationship on the down-low, but Annie eventually finds out in what Gorham calls an "awesome scene." How that revelation will affect Annie's (dormant?) feelings for Auggie will play out through the finale. "I think it pays off in a really satisfying way for the audience when you get to it," Gorham says. "These six episodes will definitely push Annie and Auggie's relationship into a new arena."

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While Auggie will get a lot of action at home, he won't be seeing any at work. There are no field missions for him in these six episodes — though Gorham did travel to Venice, Berlin, Stockholm and London while the show filmed on location to shoot behind-the-scenes footage as Auggie — but he will engage in some friendly warfare with the newly promoted Jai (Sendhil Ramamurthy)."They don't trust each other. They have a collegial, adversarial relationship, and the adversarial part of it gets ratcheted up," he says. "Jai at some point takes something from Auggie that gets Auggie pretty hot. I'm just glad Sendhil's finally gotten to take his shirt off in these six episodes!"And so is Ramamurthy — he did challenge Gorham to an ab-off in Season 3 and promised it was happening."I'll just hand him the trophy right now and just save myself the sit-ups," Gorham says. "You can't always believe what Sendhil says. I think he also said a Heroes movie was happening at some point! Where are we with that? ... Listen, I'm only doing it if [Peter] Gallagher is in too. I told the guys next season that we should just rent a house in Toronto and put up web cams and have our own little webisodes!"